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Apollo Cybersecurity Leaders Respond to Biden's AI Executive Order

The White House on a beautiful summer day, Washington, DC.

President Biden's recent Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence (AI) marks a crucial step in shaping the future of AI in the United States. Apollo's cybersecurity leaders are weighing in on the implications of this.

Firstly, there's the challenge of regulation. The EO aims to ensure ethical and secure AI use, addressing the complexities of AI in business operations and its advancing autonomy. It highlights the need for a dynamic regulatory approach that can adapt to AI's evolving landscape, particularly in areas like data privacy, algorithmic bias, and AI's external applications.

Secondly, the response to this order calls for a strategic alignment of people, processes, and technology within organizations. This involves enhancing human resource training in AI ethics and security, developing internal processes and standards in anticipation of future regulations, and leveraging technology like web gateways and analytics tools to regulate AI usage.